Say goodbye to pending KPIs and hello to tangible ROIs! Our partners enjoy the benefits of having their brand infused with genuine user generated content for as long as their campaigns are running on Impactyn.
Interaction on an Impactyr’s private social media account is organic and based on trust from followers who are made up of family members, friends and close acquaintances.
Comparing these to the engagement rates of big influencer groups, the results point back to the fact that Impactyrs’ witness much greater engagement and reach with a much smaller price point.
It is the real definition of brand love and this is how you can inspire your audience to go after the next best thing.
The true impact of our offering provides your brand with:

  • Precise target segmentation

  • Real organic reach & engagement

  • Relevant trending buzz

  • Brand loyalty

  • Greater sales margins through the use of credit

  • Accurate budget allocation; live measurability of views & engagement through our live dashboard

  • More control over user produced content

  • A Hassle-free process

  • Being non-intrusive to the user or brand

Discover the power
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