Impactyn is a global platform that has discovered an untapped channel of raw and unique crowd-marketing through its AI-Powered platform.

Impactyn was recently founded in 2022! Yes, we’re new here but we know exactly what we’re talking about! We noticed a gap in the world of social media marketing and we couldn’t help but fill it.. with passion! We are Impactyn and we’re here to make a powerful and positive impact in the world of social media marketing. It’s worth the shot!

Our vision

To establish a global ecosystem that will positively disrupt social media marketing, through authentic "Digital Word of Mouth".
Through empowering Impactyrs and enterprises all over the world, we want to enhance social media’s ability to impact the community.
Impactyn wants to be the number one solution and platform for user generated content online, that stems from genuine product experiences and brand loyalty.

Our Mission

We’re here to level the playing field in the social media marketing industry for both brands and consumers by encouraging private account holders (Impactyrs) to share their real experiences and feedback for products they already use and trust.
Our purpose is to emphasize the power that positive word of mouth has on daily consumers and their online communities in order to reshape the strategic thinking behind brands’ marketing tactics.

Meet the team

People that bring you results

Mohamed Wahid

Founder & CEO

Salma Hosni

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Amr Zikry

Co-founder & Head of Operations

Heba AbdelMonsef

Co-founder & Marketing Advisor

Mostafa Eshra

Co-founder & IT Director

Miriam Habashi

Marketing Supervisor

Ramy Radwan

Co-founder & PR Advisor

Malak ElMalky

Marketing Exective

Ali Mokhtar

Co-founder & Head of
Investment Relations